The Mango Delight Gift Pack (Pack of 3)


A beautiful collection of 2 amazing soaps consisting of

  1. Rejuvenate (the second part)
  2. Chocolate delight
  3. Sweet thoughts

1.Rejuvenate – The Second Part – (Goat Milk and mango )For Dry Skin

150+ Gms Handcut

Goat Milk and mango

Oils – Coconut, olive oil pomace, peanut, sunflower, castor

Butter – Mango seed

Epsom salt , honey and Vitamin E

Herbs – Tulsi, moringa

Essential Oil blend – Jasmine and Lavender essential Oil

2. Chocolate Escape (Goat Milk and Cocoa)

150+ gms handcut

Goat Milk and Cocoa

Oils – coconut, olive oil pomace, rice bran , castor

Butter – Shea, cocoa

Honey, vitamin E, epsom salt

Rejuvenate embeds, Eucalyptus essential oil

3. Sweet Thoughts (Goat Milk and Mango Embeds)

For Oily Skin

Goat Milk and Mango Embeds

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Pomace, Rice Bran Oil, Castor oil,

Shea Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt, Vitamin E.

Essential Oil Blend – Jasmine oil, Eucalyptus and Lavender

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