Love your bathing bars. The soaps are great. My favourite picks till now are the orange peel and the mango soaps. They smell heavenly and skin feels really nice after wash.
Debasmita Dutta
Great product....
Dr Sourav Gupta
The ingredients used are natural. The quality of soap is excellent.
Nixon Joseph
Krishnendu Chatterjee
Kolkata , WB
The soaps are organic, earthy, natural. The texture is beautiful and the after bath feel is smooth. Love the experience. Been using these soaps for a while now! ❤️
Shukti Dutt
Love the feel ony skin after a bath. The aroma is perfect. You don't need to use too much.
Cheryl Scharenguivel
Excellent soaps. Good for the skin, good for the environment.
Anne Peter
The skin feels soft and well nourished..
Brenda Kaul
I liked the smooth texture of the soap. It was just perfect for my sensitive skin.
Noreen Pinto
These soaps have been amazing for my sensitive skin. I have struggled for years to find a soap that doesn't dry out my skin and cause soreness. These soaps are so natural and they replenish moisture rather than stripping it away. Packaging is all recyclable and atractive.
Dawn Maclure
Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK
Very nice initiative and lovely products. The soaps I have used leaves the skin soft and hydrated
Suhasini Sathyadeep
I love the goat milk soaps - they r very good & moisturising for my skin. I have been using them for about 4 years now.. I also like all the natural ingredients given on the reverse of the card with the soap label. Eco-friendly is the way to go👍🏼
Elaine Menezes
I am satisfied with the quality and the packaging is very cool.
Soap is natural and gives good moisturizer for skin and cleans deeply
A. Richard Navern
These soaps are excellent!!! They have very good ingredients to address various skin concerns and i have received excellent feedback when I have gifted them to my friends.
Rajini Vasanth
I started using Kinglee experience soaps 5 years back and have never stopped using it. These soaps are my one stop shop for skin care.
Amrutha John
It helped my mothers skin.. She had rashes and itchiness!
I have found that my skin doesn't dry as much when I am using these soaps . Specifically love the scrub element in them .
Pallavi DSouza
Mumbai Maharashtra
Appealing quality .Always got good results to whoever I've gifted the product .I will continue recommend to all those interested in buying your product.Wishing you all the best in future .
Mrs Huttoxi Vesuna
Baroda ( Gujarat)
The product is super awesome. Knowing and meeting Mrs. Kinglee was equally good.
Lucknow UP
I am very proud of the journey kinglee experience has si far. The soaps are great, soft, healthy for skin and customer engagement is fantastic.
The fragrance of the soap is very nice.
infect the soap is worth to use. I am using myself with my grand children & every body liked it's quality.
Girraj verman
Jaipur, rajasthan
This is very refreshing soap. I can feel my skin squeaky clean and glowing. I never have any problems with this soap.
Roze Chaudhary
It helpswomen to get work in villages
Rafiq kidwai
Noida up
I have ordered the soaps as gifts a few times. They have been well loved.
Susan Vaz
Sydney. NSW
I really think he is doing a great job of uplifting the village people he needs to be encouraged
Farzana Kidwai
Noida up
It is best soap n also best for babies
Harshita verma
I have been using these soaps and my skin feels soft and nice
Lorraine Blaquiere Smith
Kolkata West Bengal
Absolutely wonderful to use .Try them !
Janice Tindale
Dehradun , Uttarakhand
Blessings and best wishes always for this noble enterprise. Consumer satisfaction is tops.Authentic and inspiring, keep up the great work.Lovely to be part of this humane and wonderful endeavor.God bless
Christine D'Souza
Mumbai Maharashtra
I have extremely sensitive skin and was hesitating to buy the soap. I'm so glad i bought it, it is really so nice it cleared my skin and i really suggest that everyone buy this soap, because i bought a similar type from Australia but it just washed away so quickly and didn't show any results but this soap is amazing.