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Cold Process
Bathing and Shampoo Bars

Supported by the District Industries Center (DIC) Khandwa, MP.

Our Bathing Bars

Made with the best and purest of Ingredients, Kinglee Xperience believes in delivering the best Xperience when it comes to your bathing bar needs. Made from Pure Goat milk, Coffee, Tomato, Papaya etc, there is no compromise. ONLY THE BEST.

The Source of our Inspiration

All Heroes don’t wear capes. They come in the form of a sweet little girl, donating  all her earning from a bake sale to our village school, one lady’s fight for the elephants and another leaving France to help village folk in rural Madhya Pradesh. Their stories have Inspired our range of bathing bars and will keep inspiring us further.

Why Goat Milk bathing Bars and Ayurvedic Herbs you ask!

Cleans deeply and gently.

Keeps your skin healthy and moisturized.

Removes dead skin cells and encourages the growth of new  cells.

Goat milk contains Vitamin A, C, E, several B vitamins, amino acids and natural enzymes.

The list is long.

Don’t forget the herbs

Who does our Bathing bars support?

  1. Income opportunities for women of Udaypur Gaon.
  2. All soaps packed in jute bags and boxes made locally.
  3.  We support local businesses.
  4. 5₹ from every product sold goes towards the school.

A little about us

When two worlds collide, something new and beautiful is born. Working in rural India has been a beautiful struggle and a struggle worth fighting for. Starting up in a remote village in rural MP was hard but when you have the right people, people who never give up ad people who never say never, there is only one way and that’s forward.  

Our Journal

Come journey with us. As much as we want to be your go to Bathing bar, we invite you on our journey of providing better income opportunities to the people at Udaypur Gaon as well as staying informed with the local happenings.

A total No No No

  1. No harmful chemcials
  2. No Parabels, sls/sles
  3. No animal testing
  4. No Palm Oil
  5. No artificial fragrances

What people have said

The soaps are just fantastic. It removes dirt but doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves a very smooth skin. Natural ingredients are the main reason I tried them and to my amusement I can actually smell milk in the soaps...after using for a week I have decided will never b using any other soap or body wash again...
Khusboo Agarwal Gupta
I tried the cow milk soap (neem one) and here is my feedback! a) it does not dry your skin at all! 2) I had some mild boils on my skin owing to my trip to Mumbai and regular use of the soap on my face removed it within 2-3 days. Will order my next batch soon!
Urmi Bhatacharya
I have very sensitive skin and this is the first soap I have found that doesnt dry out my skin or cause a reaction! Really impressed and I shall be using it regularly.
Dawn Maclure
An ideal bathe is when your soap smoothly removes the dirt on the skin surface and yet retains your natural skin oils. These oils are your skin's immune system and most soaps tend to wash them away leaving your skin more susceptible to reactions caused by dust, pollution etc. Moreover, the regular soap water that drains out is one of the highly ignored soil and water pollutants. And these milk soaps give you that ideal bathe that you wish to have for your natural self and the natural environment
Akshatha Nayak
I have used their hand made lemon and soapnut goat milk soaps and without a second thought i've decided to go for more.These soaps were quite moisturizing on my dry skin and one can feel the results immediately.They are not unnecessarily oily or soapy like the commercial cream bars and dont need too much of water to be washed off.They have not used any artificial perfumes or colours and that was a good news for me.These soaps are extremely safe to be used in place of intimate wash lotions as well. Surely worth trying!
Swetcha Poladi
Tinted Hands Collective
Using this soap is even better because you know there is a story behind it. I, for one, love the fact that someone in the village has made it with love and care. Also, the soap is amazing. Feels like bathing in milk
Anvi Mehta
Social Media Manager

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