THE ADVENTURER – Goat milk, tomato puree


Dedicated to – Aunty Za


Oils -Coconut oil, Olive oil pomace, Rice Bran oil, Mahua oil, Sunflower oil, Mustard oil, Castor oil Butters – Mango & Kokum Herbs – Sandalwood Vitamin E, Himalayan pink salt Essential Oil – Clove, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon


Oils- Same as above Butters – Hemp & Mango Essential Oil – Spearmint


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“Today’s trek setter was Nima, since Kumar had fever and was medicated. What does a trek guide do? It’s his job to set the walk track and everyone follows that route. Today Nima was in front, Kumar in the middle and I following behind. My job was , in case the sick injured Kumar slipped and fell, I had to attempt to stop his fall. They taught me how to do that. But of course The Tough Tamang did not miss a step and even pulled me up a few times.”

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