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My mother is a piano instructor and she teaches the instrument to a few students in our apartment complex in Bangalore. Joanna, 9, an intelligent girl full of excitement and joy is one of her star pupils. During a visit back home, I saw her next to her lemonade stall selling delicious cupcakes and refreshing lemonade. She told me that she was raising money for a cause but didn’t disclose any further details. It was a secret. A few days after returning to Pandhana, I get a call from Joanna saying that she wants to donate all the proceeds towards the school at Udaypur Gaon. I was taken aback. I later learnt that this was a regular feature.

A small questionnaire was sent across and her answers are below.

Q. A brief on your work?

Joanna – Every summer I put stalls to sell homemade lemonade/ cookie and muffin stalls…the proceeds from the sale goes as a.simple donation
Before I put up the stall..I have a prefixed intend

Q. What inspires you?

Joanna – In olden days..people used to share their wealth with the poor…I wanted to try the same

Q. Why have you chosen what you do? what drives you?

Joanna – One day I saw a transgender begging for money and I asked my mother who are these people?.. she explained how they are and why nobody employs them and that’s why they are forced to beg..
This gave me an inspiration to put up a stall..the ₹210. which I earned,was divided and distributed at the kogilur cross signal..

Q. Books you read?

The Women Rebel, Tinkle, Calvin and Hobbs and Sudha Murthy

Q. People who have inspired you?

JoannaHillary Rhodom Clinton, Galilo Galilee

Q. Your message to India and others who want to follow in your footsteps?

Joanna – Don’t let go of what inspires you

Q: Where can we get to see your work?

Soon I will be starting a blog with my parents help. I will be sharing my thoughts and views out there.

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