What we do and how we do it.

1. We utilise the village’s largest underemployed populous, the women workforce.

2. Remove the problem of ‘people come to the village, start something, take pictures, close and leave’.

3. Educating the village women and challenging them through constant exposure and innovation.

4. Can the products be made and the ingredients be grown in the village?

5. Always keep Questioning.

6. Delegate and give more than they can chew.

(we learn more from HOW NOT TO MANAGE than how to manage)

6. Get them to proactively complain and provide solutions. Be action oriented.

7. Use the organisation as a vehicle for social change BUT its has to be heralded and spearhead by the village community.

8. Getting a plan A, B and C in place.

9. Creating local entrepreneurs and investing in local talent.

10. Providing a platform for external entrepreneurs to try new innovations and allowing for faster absorption into the community. If there is something that the community can prosper by, we want to be at the forefront to try it.

11. There are no stupid ideas, but stupid people who don’t ideate.

12. Always available to the customers, product wise and village wise.

13. Village folk, Customers and Profit. In that order.

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