Green Meadows – Harry Maclure

The Anglo- Indian community is a community that is rich in talent,culture and spirit. It is a community that I proudly belong to and a community that is grateful to my uncle Harry Maclure for showcasing and inspiring thousands of Anglo Indians about our history and culture through his magazine, Anglos In the Wind. Harry has been a huge source of inspiration, an entrepreneur, an editor, community mobilizer and a filmmaker, he never fails to impress. Whenever I have required anything, he is there. He has helped me immensely from publishing my book of poems, to designing my logo, to guiding me when ever in doubt. In short, for me, he is a legend.

A Tête-à-tête with Harry is present below

1. Name and designation ?

Harry Maclure, magazine editor – Anglos in the Wind (AITW)

2. A brief on your work?

Harry –  I edit an international community lifestyle magazine which was established in 1998.

3. What inspires you ?

Harry –  Hard work and dedication 

4. Why have you chosen what you do? What drives you?

Harry –  I needed to work for my community and create a magazine that links anglo-indians who are scattered around the world through the written word. I’m driven by the urge to be of help to others. 

5. Favourite books?

Harry –  Great expectations, To kill a Mocking Bird and The Blue Highways.

6. People who have inspired you?

Harry –   Gandhiji, Cecil b de mille, and my school class teacher. 

7. Your message to India and others who want to follow in your footsteps? 

Harry – Work hard in whatever field you’re into, immaterial of monetary benefits. Success will eventually bring in the money.

8. Where can we get to see your work? or write to: for free samples of magazines and books.

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