Inspiring Minds – Mr. Nixon Joseph

When I was designing Mr. Nixon’s range of bathing bars, I wanted to showcase the way he inspires everyone. The bars have three colors, the center represents Mr. Nixon and his energy and exuberance is amplified to the rest of us. A motivational speaker, a passionate climate advocate, the President and COO of the State Bank of India Foundation, has completed a whooping 39 full marathons and 5 indoor marathons. He has personally helped me a great deal in getting my social endeavor off the floor. Listening to him speak is a blessing and the knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is exemplary.

A Tête-à-tête with Mr. Nixon Joseph is present below

Name and designation?

Nixon Joseph, President & Chief Operating Officer, SBI Foundation

2 A brief on your work?

Implementing CSR projects all across India

3. What inspires you ?

Stories of people who face challenges and overcome them.

4.Why have you chosen what you do? what drives you?

Bringing a positive change in the lives of people gives me great happiness. The belief that all of us can bring change drives me.

5. favorite books?

Unbreakable by Mary Kom, A Shot at History: by Abhinav Bindra

7. People who have inspired you?

My Dad.

8. Your msg to India and others who want to follow in your footsteps?

Life is full of challenges. It is facing challenges that makes life exciting. Never give up.

8.Where can we get to see your work?

Our projects are implemented all over India

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